Colorado Daycare Radon Testing Requirements

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Colorado Daycare Radon Testing Requirements

Our mission at American Radon LLC is to spread knowledge about the dangers of radon gas and to also keep the public informed about existing rules and regulations regarding radon that is in place in Colorado in order to help mitigate radon. Every year new regulations are being passed and bills are being written so it can be confusing to know just what is required. However, that means that it is a very exciting time for us as we see more and more people realizing just how crucial it is to keep our homes, schools, and other public spaces free from dangerous radon levels.

One question we are asked quite a bit (especially after we’ve installed a radon mitigation system in a home with young children present) is whether or not daycares in Colorado are required to test for radon.

Do Colorado Daycare Facilities Need to Test for Radon?

Up until recently, the answer to this question was no, there was no requirement in place.

But a recent rule put in place by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment made it so that all daycare facilities must be tested for radon if they were established before January 14, 2016. These daycare facilities have until May 1, 2017, to test their facilities and to have the proper equipment installed. All other daycares established after January 14, 2016, must have their facilities tested within six months of occupancy.

After testing is completed, the facility managers are required to review their test results and take appropriate actions if high radon levels (above 4.0 pCi/L) are detected. They must also keep their test results on file so you will be able to review the test results for your individual daycare as requested.

What Rooms Need to Be Tested?

Officially only rooms that are considered “frequently occupied spaces” need to be tested. What does that mean? Essentially, any area or room where children, parents, teachers, or other staff members are frequently gathered. This includes the following spaces:

  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Infant rooms
  • Toddler rooms
  • Dining areas

It’s important to note that any room that has frequent use and is located above a basement or crawl space, or whose walls and floors are in contact with the ground, must be tested for radon.

Who Does the Testing?

There are a couple of options here: A) you can opt to do the testing yourself, which requires purchasing enough radon test kits for your space; or B) you can hire a certified radon testing contractor to do the testing for you. Because radon testing is so critical, we recommend having a licensed professional do it for you.

As more and more people are made aware of the dangers of radon in Colorado, we expect to see more legislature passed to include radon testing for all buildings. For now, rest assured that the daycare centers of Colorado are being tested for radon and that your children are safe to spend many hours inside these buildings.  Give us a call for radon mitigation in Parker, radon mitigation in Denver, radon mitigation in Westminster and anywhere in Colorado.

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