Radon Mitigation in Aurora, CO

Have Questions About Radon Mitigation in Aurora? We’ve Got Answers.

Aurora Radon Mitigation SystemRadon mitigation is an essential – yet often overlooked – aspect of every home, whether you’ve owned it for years or are just moving in.


Our qualified team of professionals at American Radon can install life-saving radon mitigation equipment, and perform regular check-ups on your home to ensure your mitigation system is properly working and your radon levels are within a normal range. If you’re looking for radon mitigation in Aurora, then American Radon is proud to be your mitigation provider of choice.


We offer the following services to our customers:


  • Radon mitigation
  • Drain tile mitigation
  • New construction mitigation


If you’re looking to purchase a new home or wanting to keep a record of the radon levels in your current home, American Radon can help you out. New homes are not automatically tested for radon, so it’s important that you request a test before buying. It will save you money and stress later on down the road.

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Our Certified Team Will Keep Your Home Safe

Radon Mitigation in Aurora, COAs dangerous as radon is, you’d be surprised at how many Americans are unaware of it and the radon mitigation industry. Radon is a naturally occurring byproduct of uranium, and it also happens to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in Americans today (with cigarette smoking as the number one cause).


Unlike cigarette smoke, radon gas cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted. But it can be tested for. At American Radon, our goal is to offer radon testing and radon mitigation in Aurora and nearby areas in order to reach as many homes, businesses, and schools as possible.


We care about your health, and we care about your happiness. Call American Radon today and start living more safely by making your home free of radon. We guarantee you’ll sleep more soundly.

New Construction Radon Mitigation in Aurora

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If you are building a new home or business now is the time to think ahead about radon mitigation. Even if your property doesn’t currently have high levels of radon gas exposure.


In the building phase it is easy to install a passive mitigation system that blends into the esthetic of your building. If your property develops high levels of radon in the future that passive system can be turned into an active system and start removing the radon from the livable parts of your home.

It’s important to test your property annually as radon gas is the natural breakdown of radioactive elements in the ground soil. Over time more and more decay happens releasing the gas. That is why even if your tests are clear of radon now they might not be in the future and then you will need radon mitigation in Aurora service.




Radon Mitigation System Installation in Aurora, CO

At American Radon, we boast the following qualities:

  • We’re cost-effective – we don’t nickel and dime our customers, and we always provide honest up-front cost estimates.
  • We’re readily available – our technicians are available 7 days a week, and you can even reach your technician personally by phone
  • We’re locally owned – we’re proud of this one because as residents of Colorado, we understand our customers’ unique needs and concerns
  • We’re conscientious of your time, money, and home – we promise to leave your home just as it was when we leave – except with less radon!

Contact us now to get a quote for a radon mitigation system that is right for you.

We also provide radon mitigation in Longmont, and radon mitigation in Castle Rock, CO.