Locally Owned and Operated Radon Mitigation in Green Valley Ranch


If you have a new or existing home in the Green Valley Ranch area of Colorado, it is important to check and monitor your radon levels on a yearly basis. If you find that you have an elevated exposure risk to this harmful gas then we are here to offer you professional and reliable radon mitigation in Green Valley Ranch installation. 


While Colorado is one of the best places in the country to live it does have one potential downside. Its beautiful landscape, mountain ranges, and soil make the state have a higher than average amount of radon in the soil. As Green Valley Ranch continues to expand, more infrastructure will be built on land that is naturally releasing this harmful gas into the atmosphere. 


When your home is built on top of that area, the gas will seep its way into your home. Over time you can develop harmful effects from exposure like an increased risk of developing cancer and other issues. Radon is currently the second leading cause of lung cancer. 


We can help you figure out if you have harmful levels of radon in your home with free testing. As well as offering comprehensive and affordable mitigation and abatement options to keep you and your family safe.

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Building Your Home? Learn More About New Construction Radon Mitigation Installation


Radon gas is in the soil all over Colorado and it is no stranger to Green Valley Ranch. Even a piece of land without any infrastructure is still potentially producing dangerous levels of radon gas. It is important to consider radon mitigation in Green Valley Ranch for new construction projects. 


When building a new home, you should be aware that the average home is going to have 6.4pCi/L of radon gas. Exposure at that level is equivalent to exposing yourself to radiation from 200 chest x-rays. When you move into an existing home, there’s a chance the previous owners have had radon mitigation and the levels are safe when you move in. However, you should still do a test to make sure the levels have not changed.


With new construction projects, you might not know how much radon gas is coming from the soil and how it could change over your lifetime. Some areas could be safe when you build and move in, but over the years more naturally occurring uranium could break down in the soil which will increase the amount of radon you will be exposed to.


You can make the decision to protect your home by installing a radon mitigation system right off the bat. American Radon LLC can help with many different systems and help you determine the best fit for your home. 

Already Have a System Installed? Learn More About Passive To Active Radon Mitigation


There are two types of radon mitigation to consider when installing a system in your home. A passive system uses pressure to push radon gas out of a vent pipe while an active system uses a fan to force the gas out. A passive system can protect your home and is suitable for homes with relatively low levels of radon gas. An active system is absolutely necessary for areas with high radon gas levels. 


The good news is that a passive system can simply become an active system by installing a fan. However, you should still consult a trusted and licensed radon mitigation specialist rather than installing the fan yourself. We are trained on the latest technology and procedures related to radon gas mitigation so we know how to make sure the job gets done right the first time. 

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Get A Free Test For Radon Mitigation In Green Valley Ranch


Whether you are moving into a newly built home, or have lived in the same home for years, it is crucial that you test for radon gas at least once a year. Luckily, we got your back. American Radon LLC offers free testing. 


We can send you a free test kit that includes lab fees so you can find out if you need radon mitigation. To get the most accurate reading, we use a charcoal test that does not require any power and can be put into place at any time of the year. 


Simply place the test in the lowest livable part of the home for 2-3 days. After the charcoal has absorbed radon gas for 2-3 days, you will ship your test to the lab. They will communicate the results to us and a specialist for radon mitigation in Green Valley Ranch will be in touch. 


Our team will walk you through everything you may need for mitigation, or advise that you may not need mitigation at this time. 

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Contact Us Today For Radon Mitigation in Green Valley Ranch


As busy as our lives become, radon mitigation and testing is something that should never be delayed. Radon gas can lead to serious health issues and could potentially bring great harm to you and your family. 


As Coloradans ourselves, we understand Colorado’s unique geology and want to see our home state thrive. Give us a call at (720) 727-6826 and let us help you find out if your home is safe from radon.