American Radon, LLC. is provides of radon mitigation in Lafayette, CO. From mitigation installation, and post mitigation testing we handle it all.

Professional and Affordable Radon Mitigation in Lafayette Installation

At American Radon LLC, we care about families. Our mission is to help keep families and homes safe with radon mitigation in Lafayette. A house is almost always equipped with a smoke and carbon dioxide detector; however, radon gas can be just as dangerous.


This colorless, odorless gas occurs naturally everywhere. There is a particularly high concentration of it in Colorado. American Radon LLC, will work in both residential and commercial settings and we specialize in radon mitigation in Lafayette. Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer.


Our top priority is to spread awareness and keep mitigation costs affordable for all homeowners. We understand that families do not always have the time or money to suddenly address radon gas in their homes. 

Our services include:

Radon Mitigation

Drain Tile Mitigation

New Construction Mitigation



If you are looking for radon mitigation in Lafayette, look no further than American Radon LLC. Give us a call so we can ensure the safety of your home or office building. We will even perform regular check-ups to make sure that our systems are working the way they should be.

When Is Radon Gas Considered Dangerous?

The thing that makes radon gas so dangerous is that it occurs naturally and is nearly impossible to detect without the proper equipment. While some radon gas in your home may not have any effect, the Environmental Protection Agency says that is levels are above 4.0pCi/L there is an increase in health risks.


Radon gas develops naturally from soil from the breakdown of uranium. At any given point, your home will have radon gas. Colorado’s soil conditions put many people at risk as the average level per home is above 7.0pCi/L. Since Colorado is more susceptible to higher levels of exposure, it is imperative that your home is tested. If your radon levels are above 4.0 pCi/l we can work quickly to get your mitigation system installed right away.

How Does Radon Gas Enter A Building?


Since Colorado has a higher content of uranium in the soil, radon gas is able to seep its away into residential and commercial buildings much quicker than the rest of the United States. Radon gas is released when the uranium breaks down.


Cracks and holes in the foundation of the building become traps for the gas as it gets into your home. Once it makes it inside, it will take over the air of your home. The purpose of radon mitigation is to create a safe exit for the gas and keep it away from the living areas of your home where people can be exposed to it. While there is no home or building that is completely safe from radon gas, every building can made safer with the proper radon mitigation techniques. 

Radon Mitigation in Lafayette Will Protect Your Family

There are some devices on the market that claim to be able to monitor radon gas; however, these devices are not the most accurate. The best way to evaluate the level of radon gas in your home is to use a charcoal test or have a licensed specialist install a monitor. Most people do not even realize there are exposed to radon gas until they start to show symptoms.


People may not show symptoms from the effects right away, but long-term exposure to high levels can cause symptoms that include frequent coughing, difficulty breathing, chronic respiratory infections, and potentially deadly lung cancer. American Radon LLC is locally owned by a Colorado family, and we are proud of our region and want to see our community members safe and healthy. While mitigation is the service we provide at American Radon LLC, it is not our only mission. We care about helping people and building awareness for this dangerous gas.

Charcoal Radon Test Kit

How Do I Use A Radon Testing Kit?

We recommend a true charcoal test kit to determine the levels of radon gas. There are some precautions to take since the tests can be influenced by weather conditions, but the test can be done at any time of the year. All you need to do is place the test in the lowest livable area in the house.


Think about a space that people have access to regularly rather than a crawl space or garage. For 48-72 hours, keep all external doors, windows, and vents closed so the charcoal test can get the most accurate measurements. After that time, mail your test to the third-party lab in a Priority Envelope for processing.


The test should arrive in 2-3 business days. It is crucial that the test is mailed as soon as possible and no later than 10 days after the test. 

We also offer radon mitigation in Denver, radon mitigation in Aurora, CO and the rest of Colorado!

Do I Need Radon Mitigation in Lafayette? 


Our professional specialists can perform mitigation services all over Lafayette including townhomes, HOA communities, business complexes, multi-family housing units, and single-family homes.


All systems include a 15-year warranty on all piping, electrical and fittings, plus a 5-year manufacturer warranty for the fan. We included post-mitigation testing with a third party, independent lab to ensure your confidence in our work You can rest easy knowing all warranties stay with the system and automatically transfer to the new owners in a real estate transaction.


With risks to radon exposure becoming more well known, many builders are installing what is called a “passive radon system” before framing the new home. These passive systems are basically the skeleton of a full mitigation system and includes the piping from the basement slab all the way up to the attic.


Once the home is completed and tested, if the levels are above 4.0 pci/l we can then come in and activate the system with a radon fan. If done correctly, these systems are very efficient and are hidden within the finished framed walls. American Radon LLC is your trusted source for radon  mitigation in Lafayette and is standing by support you. Contact us now to get started with a mitigation system.