Radon Mitigation in Windsor

American Radon LLC specializes in radon mitigation in Windsor and we understand the dangers of radon gas. Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer and Colorado’s climate puts residents at a higher risk of exposure. As Coloradans ourselves, we made it our mission to educate and help our neighbors understand and stay safe from this dangerous threat invading our homes and lungs.


Colorado leads the country with the most homes that have the chance of being exposed to elevated levels of radon.  It’s important to test your property once per year as levels can change over time.  We are here to help to answer any questions and concerns you may have about radon. How to test for it, and most importantly how to mitigate it if you are exposed to eleveated levels.

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How Does Radon Mitigation In Windsor Work?


Radon mitigation is the process of decreasing the levels of radon gas within a building. Depending on your home, there are a few different approaches. One thing to note is that there is not a one size fits all process for every home or building. A trained radon mitigation in Windsor specialist should go to the building and assess the situation for the best approach. American Radon LLC can help with several different radon mitigation systems including:


Sub Slab Radon Mitigation


This is the most common solution for radon mitigation in Windsor. In this process, a pit is created underneath the basement to store radon gas. Fans will push the gas into the pit and the radon will leave your home through pvc piping that directs it up and around livable areas at your location.


Drain Tile Mitigation


Drain tile mitigation is great for homes that have drainage systems. We are able to use the existing pipes around the foundation to push the radon out and away from your home. This process is very effective and quick to set up if your drainage system is up to date.


Sump Pit Radon Mitigation


Some homes have a sump pump pit and these homes are already equipped with a section to store radon in order to extract it out of your home. A fan is put into place and the entire foundation of your home will get cleaned out of radon and other harmful gases. This is the most successful radon mitigation in Windsor solution.


In addition to new installations, we can also support existing systems. Radon fans and other equipment should be inspected regularly to ensure that they are working properly. We are happy to visit any home or office and offer advice on repairs and replacements. Should you need a repair, we have the perfect team to get the job done right the first time so you can rest easy knowing you aren’t being exposed to the harmful effects of radon. 

How Can I Test For Radon?


In a perfect world, you could install an alarm system to determine the radon level in your home. Unfortunately, such a device does not exist. Some may claim to have a device that can give you a reading to help your monitor your home, but it is important to note that these devices are not accurate.


The most efficient way to determine the level of radon gas in your building is to have a licensed specialist monitor the levels in your home, or use a charcoal test. It is best to do these tests early and often as the symptoms of radon gas exposure take time to see. When a person has been exposed, they may mix up the symptoms for a bad cold or bronchitis. Symptoms include frequent coughing, difficulty breathing, respiratory infections, and possibly lung cancer.


Regular tests can ensure the health and safety of your family. 

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Radon And Real Estate


When purchasing a home in Colorado, you should definitely question and consider the radon mitigation history of the home. Ask when the last test was done and if and when the home needed mitigation. Since our mission is to help the people of Colorado, we work with homeowners and real estate agents alike with radon mitigation in Windsor options.


Whether you are looking to buy an older home or a newly constructed home, make sure that radon is apart of your conversation. New homes are at just as much of a risk as older homes, so it is important to consider installing a radon mitigation system before your move in. Passive systems can be put into place at any time behind drywall so that pipes can run through the inside of the wall. This sets up everything you would need for radon mitigation minus the fan so that you are prepared if a radon test shows high levels in your home.

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How Does Radon Get Into A Home?


Since no home is completely safe from radon, you may have some questions on how radon is able to sneak its way into your living space. American Radon LLC is the best choice for radon mitigation in Windsor because we have seen it all and can answer your questions such as:


Does Radon Go Through Concrete?


Since radon is a gas, it can move through concrete slabs. It will find any possible crack or opening to hide in and eventually make its way into your home through concrete.


How Does Radon Get Into The Air?


Radon gas occurs naturally through decomposing uranium in soil, water, and rocks. Colorado is known to have higher levels of uranium which is why radon gas education is so important. 


Does Opening Windows Reduce Radon?


Opening windows provides ventilation and allows for fresh air to enter your home while the bad air leaves. For that reason, opening windows can reduce radon but only a small amount and it is not a real solution to the problem. You will still be living in a location with elevated levels of radon and only a radon mitigation system will ensure that contaminated air leaves the home.


Do Sump Pumps Increase Radon?


Without a mitigation system turned on and active, radon can enter your home through sump pumps. One plus to having a sump pump is that radon mitigation works extremely well for homes that are equipped with sump pumps, so be sure to perform regular tests to keep your home safe.


Do Houses On Slabs Have Radon?


No matter the age or construction material used for a home, radon can always find ways to infiltrate. Even homes on slabs can have radon sneak through into the home over time.

Call American Radon LLC To Keep Your Family Safe


We want the public to be more informed about radon and we stay on top of the latest research and technology to keep our customers safe. As family safety is the most important thing to us and you, we do everything we can to work with any budget or time constraint.


We offer weekend and phone support so you can have all your questions or concerns addressed in a timely manner. Our pricing for radon mitigation in Windsor is fair and transparent. We walk you through every step so that you understand what we are doing and how to keep radon out of your home. Give us a call today at (720) 727-6826.