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American Radon LLC is a family-owned local provider of radon mitigation in Colorado Springs.  Our goal is to keep you and your family safe from the harmful effects of radon gas exposure.  We at American Radon LLC think radon mitigation should be affordable and available to all Coloradans. 

You can learn more about our company and John and Tricia on our about page.  We have grown to expand our service across all of Colorado but still strive to offer specialized one on one service for radon mitigation in Colorado Springs.  If you have any questions about radon, need an estimate for mitigation, or are ready to schedule your radon mitigation system installation then please contact us today.

Full Radon System in Colorado Springs

Here Are Four Techniques for Radon Mitigation in Colorado Springs

There are three distinct types of radon mitigation that can be performed on your Colorado Springs property;­ Sub Slab Depressurization, French Drain/Drain Tile Mitigation System, Sump Pit/Pump Draw Point System.

There are many factors that determine which system is the best for your home.


This is the most common type of system installed. A Sub Slab Depressurization System creates suction in a pit that is dug out below the concrete slab in the basement of a home. The radon gases are collected in that pit and exhausted out of the home using a low wattage fan and pvc piping that is placed on the exterior of the property or through the garage or attic. This is the preferred method in homes that do not have a French Drain or Sump System, like several in Colorado Springs.


Drain Tile Systems are commonly referred to as Perimeter or French Drains. This is a drainage system that is installed below the foundation of a home to help with water drainage in properties that are susceptible to water problems. With the majority of new homes being outfitted with these drains by the builders, we can access these systems for radon mitigation in Colorado Springs by digging down next to the foundation or even in a basement window well. The drain itself acts as a “ready-made highway” for radon mitigationBy tapping into a water drainage system we can increase the overall effectiveness of the radon mitigation in Colorado Springs. This is a preferred method anytime it is an option and results in the lowest possible post mitigation radon levels.


Radon System Fan in Colorado SpringsThese radon mitigation systems are similar to a drain tile system since the sump pit is connected to a drain system that is installed below the foundation which directs water to a central basin in the basement. It does not matter if there is a sump pump installed in the pit, we can still utilize the pit as the draw point. We can tap in through the basin lid or the foundation to gain access to the drain. In either case, our radon system installation in Colorado Springs will not interfere with the drainage system in any way.

How Radon Enters The Home

Colorado Springs is known to have a high content of uranium in the soil. This is a common, naturally occurring condition across the state and the reason there is a need for radon mitigation in Colorado Springs. As uranium breaks down it releases radon gas into the soil. Due to the home creating negative pressure on the soil beneath it, radon and other unhealthy gases enter through the cracks and holes in the foundation.


As these gases enter your home, office, or building they will degrade the air quality of the entire home. The goal of radon mitigation in Colorado Springs is to create a new path for these dangerous gases to bypass the living space of a home. In doing so, the radon gas will not enter into areas that you inhabit and are safely released above your house. With the proper techniques, any home can be made much safer and healthier with no risk of exposure to elevated radon levels.

Radon Mitigation in Colorado Springs Cost

So what exactly does radon remediation cost? Well, it all depends on your area, your home, and which service provider you choose. There are several factors that you and your service provider will have to discuss, including:


  • Initial radon gas test fees
  • Radon mitigation equipment cost
  • Type of exit (garage/foundation/brick/attic/roof)
  • Passive system in place or full system installation needed
  • Follow up radon gas tests
  • Guarantees and warranties 
  • Type of fan needed
  • Crawl space piping and sealed membrane


The numbers can quickly add up, especially if your service provider charges you extra for every additional service or tries to upsell you unnecessary equipment and services . At American Radon LLC, we provide an industry comparable warranty on all parts except the fan which comes with its own 5 year manufacturers warranty and a life expectancy of 10-15 years. And we don’t hit you with any hidden fees, taxes or permit costs once the job is complete. All your questions are answered, placement options thoroughly discussed, and final costs are fully disclosed BEFORE we start the installation.


Because we want to make sure that your radon remediation costs stay low while also ensuring that your home maintains a safe level of radon gas, we provide follow up radon test kits once our radon mitigation system is in place. Need a finished exit? Most of the other radon mitigation companies will charge extra for this ($100 or so), but not us.  Want us to go through the garage and exit through the roof? No problem, that doesn’t cost you any extra cash. Our standard sub-slab radon mitigation equipment installation costs $1050 out the door. Simple as that.

Drain tile - access through window well (3)

We Specialize In Real Estate Transaction Radon Mitigation In Colorado Springs


If you have been in the market to buy or sell a home in recent times then you know how important an accurate radon test is in a real estate transaction.  At American Radon, LLC we not only work with homeowners but also local real estate agents for radon mitigation in Colorado Springs.  We are fast, friendly, reliable and available 7 days a week for realtors and prospective sellers/buyers to ensure a smooth closing process for all. We can accommodate even the quickest of deadlines and can accept payment prior to closing, through escrow, or work with the title company after the closing.


We understand that getting these mitigation systems installed in the most time efficient and cost effective way is crucial to maintaining good relationships for all realtors.  We have years of experience working with numerous real estate agents across the state and in Colorado Springs so you can count on our expertise to take care of everything you need for this part of your home buying and selling experience.


Colorado Springs is somewhat unique in the state with its location being in such proximity of the foothills. There is an increased chance your properties could be exposed to radon.  Make us your first call for everything related to radon issues with all of your transactions.

Radon Mitigation Fan

We Provide Eco-Friendly And Quiet Fans For Your Home


Your system’s fan is one of the most important parts of your home or office radon system. However, all fans are not created equal.  At American Radon, LLC we strive to provide the highest quality options for all of our clients. We only offer fans that are energy efficient and as quiet as they can be for minimal impact on your daily life.  Just like other upgraded lights and appliances our fans use the least amount of energy possible while getting the job done and still only costs pennies a day to operate.  As local homeowner’s ourselves we wouldn’t want a system stick out on our house so we treat everyone we install the same as how we would for ourselves.


When you choose American Radon, LLC you can rest assured you are getting local professionals that going to treat each system we install with the same care and quality as what we would do for ourselves.

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More Than Radon Mitigation In Colorado Springs – Helping To Take Care Of The Local Community


Just like you, we love and cherish being a part of the local community of Colorado Springs.  We are active in various groups and some home and trade shows. Along with this, we like to give back to the Colorado Springs area when we can.  Since many in the area are affiliated with the military base we also like to support those services and service members with military discounts for all active and retired members.


We also partner with the Homes for Heroes program which provides discounts for police, fire, EMT, teachers, first responders and more.  To see if you qualify for a discount just give us a call and we will be happy to go over all current promotions and discounts to find something that is a fit.

Areas We Service


We offer our radon mitigation service outside of Colorado Springs as well. El Paso County and the rest of Colorado are considered a Zone 1 for the level of exposure according to the Colorado Department of Higher Education. If you are in any of the areas below please give us a call.


Radon Mitigation in Fountain, CO


This area of the state is no stranger to increased levels of exposure to radon. 

Radon Mitigation in Peyton, CO


You do not need to live in a larger city for our professional system installation.  Mitigation is important to keep everyone safe from this harmful naturally occurring gas. And we won’t charge you extra for living outside Colorado Springs – that means no extra trip charge!


Radon Mitigation in Monument, CO


Whether you have a long-standing home or just built a brand new dream home, any structure could be exposed to radon.  You should test yearly as levels can change over time and areas with no exposure can develop it later on. Our complete radon system service will ensure you have a clean, good looking system that blends into your home and landscape.


Radon Mitigation in Manitou Springs, CO


Whether you live here full time or just have a getaway vacation home, any structure here could be hiding high levels of radon gas.  If you find your location has the need to reduce the levels in your structure then radon abatement services are the solution for you.

Pipe Work Radon Mitigation

Set Up Mitigation Service Today


Need a installation estimate, or want to set up service?  You can utilize the contact us page on our website to send us a request or give us a call at (720) 465-1495 and we will be happy to help.  Even if you just have general questions about radon and how it may affect you, please give us a call.  We are 7 days a week to be there when you need us.  

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