Full Service Radon Mitigation in Castle Rock

Professional Radon Mitigation in Castle Rock, CO

It’s never too late for you to mitigate radon in your home or commercial building with dangerously high levels of radon. Fortunately for you, the best source of radon mitigation in Castle Rock is just a phone call away.


At American Radon, we value the health and wellbeing of our clients. Sadly, many people we talk to are unaware of the great risks that radon poses to their health. While smoking cigarettes is the number one cause of lung cancer in Americans, radon poisoning comes in at a close second.


Radon cannot be seen, heard, smelled, or tasted, making it a silent yet deadly killer in the United States as well as in Castle Rock.


Unfortunately, many homes and other buildings are not tested for radon, meaning that the home you just recently purchased might be harboring deadly gasses that pose cancer-causing risks for your family.


Thankfully, we have a team of certified professionals at American Radon ready to install a radon mitigation system in your Castle Rock home ASAP. Call us today so we can help get your problem under control – fast.

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Systems We Offer

While radon mitigation in Castle Rock is one of our main areas of expertise, our team also makes a point to maintain a variety of other skills. We offer the following services to our loyal customers in Castle Rock:

· Drain tile mitigation

If you are in need of any of the above services, then American Radon is the obvious choice for you. We can install the appropriate radon mitigation equipment, and perform routine maintenance and follow-up testing to ensure that your home maintains safe levels of radon for as long as you live there. We promise – the peace of mind our radon mitigation services offer is well worth it.

· New Construction Radon Mitigation

When building a new home in Castle Rock it is important to have radon mitigation in mind. Even if the area your home is built on does not currently have elevated levels of radon.

Over time the radioactive materials in the soil will continue to break down and could eventually cause a radon problem in your home. The most cost effective solution is to already have you house equipped with a radon system that will just need to be switched to an active system.

When a house is being built it allows for a come complete system to be put into place to easily remove radon and keep your Castle Rock home safe. Another added benefit to including this system is it can be better hidden during the building for a better aesthetic to your home.

Contact Us Today

We understand getting a radon system can seem like a daunting task so we are here to help make it easy for you.  Whether you’d just like to learn more about the effects of radon in Castle Rock or how a system can remove it from your, or would like to set up service give us a call at (720) 465-1495.

If you have high levels in your home contact us now to get a free quote.

Radon Mitigation system installation in Castle Rock, COWhile Castle Rock is one of our main stomping grounds, we don’t keep our premium services hidden from the rest of the world.

Remember – our driving force is your satisfaction and safety. We believe that we can help you create and maintain a safe home for years to come when you make use of our services. Call today for more information about radon mitigation in Denver radon mitigation in Colorado Springs and radon mitigation in Aurora, CO.