Reduce Your Radon Levels With Radon Mitigation In Fountain, Colorado

Radon exposure can be a problem in any home in Fountain.  Radon is a odorless, colorless gas that is released from decaying uranium in the ground soil. If a home is built on top of soil with elevated levels of radon, that gas can get into the living areas of the home and cause many potential health hazards. If you have elevated levels you will need to install a radon mitigation in Fountain system.


These systems can vary based on type but the most common include a fan that sucks up the gas and diverts above the roof of your structure.  This will keep the harmful gas away from liveable areas and safely release it into the atmosphere. John Cardos is the owner and operator of American Radon, LLC who is licensed in radon mitigation through the ARSST/NRPP certification program. He is certified in radon mitigation from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.

exterior radon mitigation in fountain system

The First Step Is Testing For Radon


The first step to finding out if your home has increased levels of radon is to get a radon test. 


Charcoal test kits we have found to be the most reliable.  The others on the market just are not as accurate. Even home inspectors testing equipment. These to be calibrated frequently and typically they are not.  Without knowing the full history of the testing equipment there is no way to be assured that the test results are accurate.


If you do NOT have elevated levels of radon then you do not need to do anything except repeat the test annually.  Due to the nature of radon gas being emitted from decaying materials in the soil, readings can change over time as the soil continues to age.


If you do have elevated levels of radon we will detail all the options you have available to mediate this risk depending on your home structure.  We will work to answer any and all questions and concerns you have about radon mitigation in Fountain. We want you to fully understand what the levels mean and how mitigation systems operate.  From there we will find a solution that fits your needs and budget.

All Inclusive Radon Mitigation in Fountain


You can learn more about our story and why we do radon mitigation here.  The short of it is we are a local Colorado family and we want to help keep all families in the state safe and free of radon exposure.  


Not only are well all-inclusive but we have the most cost-effective prices around.  When you contact us for a system quote it will include everything you need including the fan installation. 


It is our goal to have every home out there be safe from radon.  Contact us now for a radon test and radon mitigation system price quote and let’s keep your house free of radon.

radon mitigation in fountain test kit

Radon And Real Estate Transactions


If you are in the market to buy or sell a home it is important that you know how radon can play a part in that process.  It is important that a radon test is performed on your home.  Many inspectors will use a continuous monitor or computer style test system.  The downside to these is that if there is not meticulous upkeep and calibration to the units they can give false readings.


It is unlikely you will get an accurate representation of how that type of test equipment has been taken care of that is why we recommend charcoal test kits.  In our experience, these kits provide the most accurate results.


If a home has a test result comes back at 4.0 or above it is required in many locations in Colorado that it is disclosed to any and all potential buyers. At those levels a mitigation system will be recommend and it up to the buying and selling parties to negotiate how that will happen.


If you have already tested and have elevated levels let us provide you with the best radon mitigation service in Fountain, CO.

To Get Started Or Have Any Questions?


If have any questions or concerns about radon and how it can effect you, we are ready and happy to help.  If you already know you have high levels of radon exposure they let us get you a quote to install a mitigation system.


We have plenty of satisfied homeowners that are now free of the dangers of radon thanks to our expertly installed systems.  Just take a look at our Yelp to see for yourself. Head on over to our contact us page to send an email or you can call us directly at (720) 465-1495 to get started.