Radon Mitigation in Lakewood CO

Radon gas is a silent killer that is not widely discussed. Many people are not aware of its existence and that it can seep into your home just as easily as carbon monoxide. It is colorless, odorless, and naturally occurring which makes it extremely difficult to detect. This is why radon mitigation in Lakewood is important for any homeowner.


Although it is often unseen, it can still be deadly. Radon is the second leading contributor to lung cancer cases in the United States. Radon gas occurs naturally when uranium breaks down in the soil.


It is produced more frequently in Lakewood and the state of Colorado because there is a higher concentration of uranium in our soil. Odds are, you already have radon gas finding its way into your home. The only question is how much. Some radon gas will not have any effect, but it can have disastrous effects if the levels get too high.


At American Radon LLC, we are devoted to educating the public about the dangers of radon gas and how to keep people safe. Radon mitigation is our business, but our mission is to inform and protect people.

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Is Your Home In Danger? Find Out With A Radon Test Kit


We pride ourselves on being the most honest and reliable company for radon mitigation in Lakewood. From the moment you reach out to contact us, you can expect transparency with our process and prices. Unfortunately, there is not a monitor like a carbon monoxide monitor that you can equip in your home to monitor the levels. Some might claim to provide quick, digital readings, but we have found that those tests are not as effective as the charcoal test. Charcoal absorbs the radon and is inspected in a lab to determine the radon level in the area. It is important to note that radon levels can fluctuate, so follow up tests should be conducted as well.


For a charcoal test kit, simply place the test is the lowest livable space in the home for 48-72 hours. Do not place it in a crawl space or somewhere people do not access. While the test is in place, keep all doors and windows shut to get the most accurate reading. Send the test in a priority envelope within ten days after the test concludes so that the lab can determine the radon levels. 

Radon Mitigation In Lakewood Will Keep Your Family Safe


American Radon LLC is the most trusted for radon mitigation in Lakewood. We use the highest quality and eco-friendly equipment to provide the best service at the most affordable price. We assist Coloradans with radon mitigation using one of three ways. When you work with us, you will be educated on each system and we will find the best solution to match your needs. We install:


Sub Slab Radon Mitigation


As the most common method for radon mitigation in Lakewood, we are the pros when it comes to sub slab radon mitigation. This process uses suction to push the radon into a pit for the gas to be removed using pvc piping to the exterior of the home using a fan. 


Drain Tile Mitigation System


When a home as a drainage system known as French Drains we can use the existing drainage system below the foundation. This method tends to be extremely effective and is the most preferred method of radon mitigation in Lakewood. 


Sump Pit Radon Mitigation System


We take your home into consideration before determining the best method for radon mitigation. If you have a sump pump pit in your home, we can use this to draw in the radon and install a fan to mitigate the entire foundation. If your home does not have french drains, this can be an effective solution.

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Why Is Radon Gas Dangerous?


Radon gas is naturally occurring and enters buildings through cracks and holes in the foundations. The gas will become trapped in those holes and seep into the air of the entire home. Over time, the air quality decreases and radon gas can be in nearly every corner of the building. 


Because radon gas is colorless and odorless, you won’t realize you have been exposed until you perform a test or begin to show symptoms. The symptoms might mimic a chest cold and can include persistent cough, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest pain, or frequent infections like bronchitis or pneumonia.


The long term impact of radon gas exposure can be deadly. As previously mentioned, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking. People who smoke are at greater risk, but nonsmokers are still at risk. Keep radon levels before 4 pCi/L will help keep everyone protected. Should you discover that your home or office has high radon levels, look no further than American Radon LLC for radon mitigation in Lakewood.

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We Install New Construction Radon Systems 


Radon is such an issue in Lakewood that all new construction should be equipped with a radon mitigation system before the new owners arrive. This is hugely beneficial for homeowners, and not just because their home will be safe from radon from the moment they step foot through the door. 


Adding Radon systems to new homes is simpler and less expensive than retrofitting an existing building with the system. The system can be installed while the walls are still open, a proper gravel base can be placed for proper air flow, the pipes runs can be shorter and they can be better hidden too. New construction provides the best conditions for a passive radon mitigation system. 


How do you benefit as the builder? You can also attract a more health-conscious buyer when there is a radon system pre-installed in your homes. You can satisfy buyer health and safety concerns and reinforce your reputation for making quality homes which helps your sales efforts overall.

Why Choose Us for New Construction Radon Mitigation in Lakewood?


American Radon is the perfect partner to help you outfit all of your new homes with radon mitigation systems. We have the dedication and responsiveness required to work with major builders in Lakewood to install radon systems. We can work with other contractors and according to your schedule to get your homes built on time and contribute to the high quality you aim for. 


We have experience working with every kind of home and can advise you as to when and how the system should be installed. We can also help keep you up to date with legislative changes that impact what precautions you need to install in your homes to meet your current and future legal obligations and protect your customers from the risks of radon. 

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Why Trust Us?


Not only are we upfront and honest, but we are also dedicated to customer satisfaction.  We are licensed by the National Radon Proficiency Program for Radon Mitigation and have experience working with every kind of home. Since we keep our customers in mind, we work to fit your exact needs and within your schedule.


We offer installation on weekends and provide cost-effective solutions. If a question arises, you will be able to contact the exact technician assigned to your home so you get the right answer the first time. 

We Support You With Radon Mitigation In Lakewood


Perhaps you already have a radon mitigation system, but you want to make sure everything is working properly. We offer inspections and can repair any issue that comes up. We can even provide written outlines for real estate or property records as well. Most radon fans have a warranty with their manufacturer for five years; however, their lifespan can be 10-15 years. It is important to make sure that your fan is in working order. Our team will inspect your system and notify you of any repairs or replacements you may need. We will never pressure you to make a sale. Instead, we see ourselves as your guide to making informed decisions on how to protect your home and family. 


Professional Service You Can Count On


Thankfully, the public is becoming more informed on the dangers that radon gas can pose. American Radon LLC stays up to date with the latest technological upgrades and legislation in order to provide the best service for our customers. As Coloradans ourselves, we care about our community. We are partnered with the Homes For Heroes program so we can provide discounts to our public servants like the military, fire, police, and educators. Pick up the phone and call (720) 465-1495 to speak with our team at American Radon LLC about your radon mitigation in Lakewood CO needs.