Radon Mitigation in Westminster, CO

American Radon LLC has been offering radon mitigation in Westminster, Colorado, for years. Why do we do what we do? Because we believe that everyone deserves excellent service, and want to raise awareness about the facts and dangers of radon gas poisoning. We offer radon remediation services in Westminster to ensure that every home and commercial building is safe.


Radon is a naturally occurring harmful gas that releases from the ground into the atmosphere.  If your home is on land with high levels of exposure to radon that gas will seep into your home.


The gas is orderless and colorless so the only way to know if you are being exposed to harmful levels is with a radon test kit. It gets from the ground level through the foundation, basement, or first level of your house.  Our mitigation systems work to contain the gas and divert its flow away from the livable areas of your house and disperse it above the roof of your property.

radon mitigation on Westminster Colorado home

Our Radon Mitigation in Westminster Services


We offer a variety of radon mitigation services.  These services are designed for maximum abatement of your increased levels of radon in your home or office.


We will work with you to create a perfect mitigation plan that will fit the design and style of your home or building. John will come out to your location on time on a day that works for you and professionally install you system. This ensures there are no ugly eye sores on your beautiful home.  We get the job done safe, clean, and with a little downtime or interruption to your normal routine.

Some services we offer:



If you do end up having dangerous levels at your location then we will discuss what mitigation options will work best for your type of home or office.  Once we install your system we will run post installation tests to ensure levels are reduced to a safe amount.

John Cardos owner of American Radon LLC installs a radon mitigation system in Westminster, CO

Why Radon Testing is Important


In Colorado, we have some of the highest radon gas levels in the country. Radon gas poisoning is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, and yet radon testing is not required by law in Colorado but that is slowly changing.


Research has determined that radon levels above 4.0 pCi/L warrant the installation of a radon mitigation system. Therefore, it’s important not only to test your home for radon but to continue testing and retesting for as long as you live there. Radon levels can change over time so we recommend testing once a year.  As the radioactive materails that create radon breakdown over time more and more gas gets released.


Regular testing helps to ensure that your radon levels are within the designated limits, keeping your home safe, and also helping to boost the value of your home.

american radon service truck outside house in westminster co
radon mitigation system installation from american radon's John Cardos

Our Service Area


We serve many residents and business owners in Westminster, but we don’t stop there. Our regular radon mitigation service area comprises the following locations:



If you’re looking for radon mitigation in Westminster or one of the above locations, call American Radon today.

Learn More About Radon With These FAQs


  • Is radon gas a health hazard?

Yes, plain and simple. Radon gas poisoning is the second leading cause of lung cancer, yet many Americans aren’t even aware of it. Our goal at American Radon LLC is to educate our community about the dangers of radon gas. You can learn more about radon from the EPA.


  • Why isn’t radon testing required?

It depends on where you live. Each state has different laws on radon remediation, and the laws can change. One thing is certain: it doesn’t hurt to get your home tested for high radon levels.


  • Can I just test my home once?

No. Testing once is better than not testing at all, but it’s important to test at least every two years, even if your last test showed safe radon levels. We recommend more frequent testing if your levels are near the 4.0 pCi/L limit. And yes, even if you have mitigation equipment in place, you still must perform radon testing to ensure the equipment is working properly.


  • Can I buy a home that has high radon levels?

Yes, you can. We have several tips and tricks for buying and selling a home with high radon levels. Just know that it’s totally manageable as long as you take the proper precautions.