Do I Need Radon Mitigation In Golden, CO?


Golden Colorado’s beautiful scenery helps our towns grow and thrive. The downside is that our gorgeous landscape comes with a unsee danger. Because of Golden’s geology, we have higher levels of radon in our soil than the rest of the country. Radon is created when uranium breaks down in the soil and creates radium. Over time, radium turns into radon gas. This gas is invisible, colorless, and odorless while potentially being life-threatening. If this gas is present in your home you are going to need radon mitigation in Golden.


It is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking. The reality is that fifty percent of households in Colorado have high radon levels in their homes. While this may be scary, there is something that can be done to reduce it.


As Coloradans ourselves, we put education at the forefront of our business model. We hope to save lives by spreading awareness of the dangers of radon. When you are exposed to radon for one year, it is the same as getting 200 chest x-rays.


In order to determine whether or not you are being exposed to harmful levels of radon, you would need to conduct a radon test. If you do have high levels the our professional radon mitigation in Golden service will keep your home safe from exposure.

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What Is The Most Effective Radon Test?

Some companies may have a monitor or easy-to-read digital tests to check radon levels. The fact of the matter is that most of these simple tests are less accurate from other testing methods. They must recalibrated regularly and often.  You as the homeowner will not have a reliable way to tell if your test was calibrated correctly on your own. You could think you are safe from radon levels in your home, but actually be in danger. 


In our experience, a charcoal test is the most accurate. All you need to do is set the test up in the lowest livable space of your home for 2-3 days with windows sealed. The charcoal will collect radon atoms that can be examined at a laboratory later.


Since we want to focus on keeping families safe, we offer charcoal testing for free. Anyone can simply give us a call or fill out a form on our website and we will mail you a free test. After setting the test out for a few days, you will mail it to the lab. The lab will evaluate your test and we contact you with the results. If your test shows safe radon levels, you’re done! However, you should continue to test every year to ensure safety.



Affordable Radon Mitigation In Golden


So, you’ve gotten your free test and mailed it to the lab. American Radon, LLC will review your results will call and offer you support for the next steps. If you have safe results you will just need to test annually.  If you have high results we offer radon mitigation in Golden to fit any household. 


Since we keep families in mind, you will not find a more cost-effective and honest company for radon testing and mitigation. The cost for radon mitigation in Golden can vary depending on your area and home. We guarantee upfront and honest pricing. 


Additionally, we provide a warranty for all parts except the fan. You will not be shocked by hidden fees because you will know everything that is needed before our work begins. You can also trust that we will stand by the work that we do. We will send follow-up tests after mitigation in order to monitor the radon levels.

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How Does Radon Mitigation In Golden Work?


The best method for radon mitigation depends on your home. We have experience with several different types of installation. The bottom line is the system needs to force radon gas out of your home. 


Sub slab radon mitigation is the most common and simply uses suction to push radon into a pit and into PVC piping using a fan. Drain tile mitigation builds upon existing french drains below a house’s foundation and is extremely efficient. Homes equipped with sump pump puts can draw in radon gas, and a fan can force the gas out. 


When you choose American Radon LLC for radon mitigation in Golden, you will be walked through every possible method. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks to help you to determine the best solution to keep your home and family safe. We work within your schedule and provide installation on weekends so radon testing and mitigation do not require you to stop your life.

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Radon Testing For Real Estate


Many people are not aware of the impact radon gas can have on a family, potentially even a realtor. It is important when someone is looking to purchase a home that the buyer is aware of previous radon mitigation. For many, it is a deal-breaker if a home is not already equipped with a radon mitigation system. 


By partnering with American Radon LLC, homebuyers can include radon as part of their safety inspections. They will appreciate a realtor who puts safety as a priority and does not view a home buyer based on the size of the commission. 


If your realtor has not mentioned radon testing in Golden, let us help. With our flexible schedule, we can perform maintenance and repairs prior to a move-in date so you know you’re safe before you bring in the first box. 


We can help you determine the best placement for future charcoal tests and provide ongoing support whenever you have a radon concern. Starting a new chapter in your life by moving into a new home should be exciting. Do not let radon gas bring that down. Allow us to put your mind at ease.

Call Today For A Free Radon Test Kit


Right off the bat, American Radon LLC will save you $40-$150 dollars by providing a free radon testing kit. These kits include lab fees, so there is never any secret charge late. Our flexible scheduling allows us to work with all Coloradans regardless of their work schedule. 


Give us a call when you need us rather than waiting for a specific time. By calling (720) 727-6826, you can get started with radon testing in Golden. Want to send an email instead? No problem! You can fill out this form and we will reach out to you with more information.