American Radon, LLC. is the top provider of radon mitigation in Fort Collins, CO. Let our experts take care of the radon levels in your home or office.

Radon Mitigation in Fort Collins, Colorado

At American Radon, we take great pride in providing cost-effective and eco-friendly radon measurement and mitigation solutions for homes and commercial establishments in Fort Collins, Colorado. While we service current homeowners we also specialize in real estate transactions; making the often frustrating process of radon mitigation in Fort Collins as easy as possible for both the sellers and the new homeowners.

We are proud to be members of the Fort Collins community and the Chamber of Commerce. It is our goal to make sure everyone is safe from the effects of radon in Fort Collins by being the most professional radon mitigation company in the business.

radon mitigation in Fort Collins

BBB SealElevated radon levels in Fort Collins are very dangerous for your health, and can even cause lung cancer. Extended periods of exposure can come at the highest cost; your family’s health. Our friendly and knowledgeable employees will guide you through the entire process, and will be happy to answer all questions prior to the installation. In order to provide complete satisfaction to our clients, we offer custom radon mitigation systems in Fort Collins so that they may fit perfectly with your building’s style.

All of our radon mitigation system installations are carried out by professional and certified radon experts in Fort Collins who are trained in performing smooth and prompt radon mitigation. They will take great care in installing your radon systems in Fort Collins to make your experience a pleasurable one. We assure you that by choosing American Radon as your radon mitigation contractors in Fort Collins, your home or business’s environment will remain safe and healthy.

Fort Collins Radon Mitigation System Installation

Radon testing and mitigation service truck in Fort Collins, ColoradoBefore the installation process, our trained and licensed radon mitigation in Fort Collins experts will survey your house and recommend a radon system that will be perfect for your home or building. They will install the radon mitigation system with utmost care to ensure that it is operating correctly. If you have an older radon mitigation system that has not been properly installed our trained specialists may also repair or refurbish your existing radon systems.

We are one of the most progressive radon measurement in Fort Collins companies in the industry. American Radon in Fort Collins, CO uses modern diagnostic technology and will select the most suitable fan motor for each specific home. With our energy efficient systems you will not only save money on your electricity bill, but will also keep your environment free of radon gas contaminants. We also offer radon mitigation services 7 days a week, so we are able to accommodate our customers who need quick service. With our customer service center you can be assured that all of your questions related to radon mitigation will be answered in detail so that you may make an informed decision. We offer complete transparency in all of our dealings and you can rest assured that we offer competitive prices and a leading radon abatement company. Here is a list of radon techniques that we use.


radon mitigation system in Fort Collins Coloradoradon mitigation system in Fort Collins Colorado
Through this system, radon gas is sucked out from the soil below the concrete slab.


Radon gas is pulled out by way of a vacuum through an already existing drain tile channel of a drainage system. Through this method, radon gas is mitigated easily and very effectively.


French drains or drain tile are installed in a bed of gravel along the footing of the foundation. With the help of a radon fan, the radon gas is gathered in the vent pipe and is released outside the building for radon remediation.

Why Choose Us For Radon Remediation in Fort Collins?

  • Radon Mitigation In Fort Collins ColoradoEnergy efficient fans and motors.
  • 7 days a week customer care and installation services, direct contact with your assigned technician.
  • Customized solutions that will complement your house.
  • 15 years guarantee on the materials and systems installed.
  • Certified and licensed mitigation contractor.
  • Transparent pricing structure.
  • Fast repairs.

We assure you that by choosing American Radon, LLC as your radon mitigation system contractors you will get the most reliable and high-quality radon inspectors in the business, along with a guarantee that your home or office is safe.

What Does Radon Remediation Cost?

The cost of radon remediation is a big concern for many clients who are looking to install a brand new system. The truth is that radon remediation cost can vary widely between different service providers. To get radon remediation equipment installed, you need to think about what goes into the entire process: initial radon gas testing, the radon mitigation equipment itself, any additional fees for internal installation or finished exits, as well as follow up radon gas testing. This can easily add up to $1000 – $2100 dollars if you’re dealing with radon mitigation companies who are out to make the big bucks.

But at American Radon, we do things a little bit differently.

Sure, we need to make sure that we are profiting off of ever radon mitigation installation we perform. However, we only do this so that we can continue to support our number one goal: to spread the word about the dangers of radon gas and to help the residents of Colorado create and maintain a safe living environment.

At American Radon LLC, we don’t waste your money. We keep your radon remediation costs low while still providing top-rated radon remediation services.

  • No surprise fees
  • No extra cost for a finished exit
  • Follow up radon testing
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts (except the fan)

Oh, and that $1,200 – $2,100 dollars you were expecting to pay for standard sub-slab installation? Forget about it. We charge a flat rate of $1050 for a standard sub-slab radon mitigation system installed. No extra fees, no hidden taxes. We are also able to handle more specialized installation options, such as interior installations, drain tile installation.