Can Radon Get into My Drinking Water?

Can Radon Get Into A Drinking Water Faucet?

Can Radon Get into My Drinking Water?

We spend a lot of time talking about radon gas seeping into your home from the ground, but are there other ways in which you can be introduced to radon gas? Unfortunately, yes there are. We get quite a lot of people asking us if it can get into my home, can radon also get into my drinking water? The answer is a bit more complex than a simple yes or no. To put it bluntly, yes, radon does have the potential to get into your household water supply. However, radon in drinking water is more of a concern if you have a private well or water supply, and you are also using that water as drinking water. Radon in water can be released whenever you wash clothes, dishes, shower, or any other activity that uses water. While the highest risk for radon gas poisoning is via a foundation crack, every year about 30 in 1,800 deaths per year is thought to be caused by radon in a water supply.

How Does Radon Get in My Drinking Water?

There are various ways that radon can contaminate your drinking water. Again, this is more important if you own a home that uses a private well, since the water is coming directly from an underground water source and into your well without being filtered or treated, like city-supplied water. If your groundwater is surrounded by granite or gravel, it’s possible that you have high concentrations of dissolved radon that can leach into your water supply.

How Can I Test for Radon in My Water?

Can Radon get Into Drinking Water?

There are many companies that offer radon testing in water. Make sure to choose a state certified and licensed contractor who can professionally test your water supply for radon. If radon is found in your drinking water, the contractor will likely suggest either an aeration treatment or a granular activated carbon (GAC) treatment. These treatment techniques remove radon from your water at the point where it enters your home, ensuring that your whole home is free of radon in the water supply.

Do you suspect that you might have radon in your drinking water? Take action today to have your water tested. American Radon LLC can help refer you to a local contractor who specializes in testing for radon in private wells in Colorado.

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