Radon Mitigation Crawlspace Membrane Installation

Individuals exposed to radon gas for prolonged periods of time are at a much higher risk for developing lung cancer. This means that an effective venting system is necessary in the home or office to reduce the health risks. There are several installations that can be implemented in a property if gases are at increased levels, depending on how the property is built. One of the most innovative installations is crawlspace membrane installation. This is done when a crawlspace is under the lowest floor level, or in addition to a slab basement. Crawlspace membrane installation helps in blocking the environment from the dangerous effects of exposure to radon gas. Therefore, to protect the office or household air quality, a crawlspace membrane may need to be installed in the crawl space.

A crawlspace mitigation system installed in Littleton Colorado

The installation of a radon mitigation system utilizes the foundation of the house or office to depressurize the ground under the structure. To effectively reduce radon gas levels in the home or office, a heavy plastic membrane needs to be sealed over the dirt floor inside the crawlspace.

Once sealed off, the gas will be kept below the space before it’s allowed to enter the household or environment. Radon fans can be used in conjunction with a crawlspace membrane allowing the system to continuously discharge the gas and reduce its harmful content. The radon gas is pulled out of the membrane through a PVC pipe and a fan that run up the side of the property and discharge above the roof.

American Radon is the top crawlspace membrane installer

Radon mitigation systems can be an effective way to reduce gas content in the household or office environment. For the perfect installation, it is important to hire a reliable and efficient mitigation system installation company. American Radon LLC is one of the most popular service providers of mitigation systems. At American Radon LLC, we put our customer’s needs at the forefront of the service that we offer. We are licensed, certified, and insured to protect our customers and give them peace of mind. Our experienced team will guide you through the entire process of installation. We offer transparency in all of our dealings including prices.

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  • We offer a post mitigation test for checking the radon gas levels after the crawlspace membrane installation is complete, along with paid priority shipping for the post-mitigation test to the lab.
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