Radon testing in Littleton Colorado

All Inclusive Post Radon Mitigation Testing and Lab Work 

With every radon sysyem install in Littleton, we will include a post mitigation test, lab fees, priority postage, and detailed instructions on how to set up the test, and pay for Priority shipping to expedite your results. This way you'll be able to see the difference that our system has made for your family as quickly as possible.  Our customer’s safety is our top concern, which is why we provide the Priority mailing service at no extra cost to you. 



Our Customer Service is Second to None

Service truck for Radon Mitigation and testing in Littleton, Colorado

We provide Colorado residents with as many facts about radon and radon systems so that you can make an informed decision. We are up front and completely transparent with our customers in regards to pricing, logic, installation design, and how we do radon testing. We don't want people to feel pressure or scared to make a quick decision when choosing a local Littleton radon testing and mitigation company. Our competition, in our experience, tries to “close the deal” on the phone, using whatever they can to intimidate or scare the homeowner.

American Radon, LLC is a Top Rated HomeAdvisor Pro

In the interest of serving our customers to the best of our ability, we will never sell your email address or any if your information to a third party. 

Customers will be able to contact the technician that will be working on their home directly with questions/concerns. 

We will repair or refurbish any radon system; even systems installed incorrectly by another company.

Fully transferable warranty - the systems warranty stays with the system no matter how many times the ownership of the home changes. We guarantee the bulk of the system, wiring, caulking, piping for 15 years. The fan comes with a 5 year warranty by the manufacturer.

Weekend Phone Calls and Support

Unlike companies that follow 9-5 M-F schedules we are there for you whenever you need us. We offer a full schedule of services and support over the weekend at no extra cost to you. We understand that people work, and we want to make getting radon mitigation in Littleton as easy as possible. You'll never pay extra for this service; it’s just what we do.