New Construction Passive Mitigation System

New construction passive mitigation system installed in Fort Collins Colorado

American Radon provides high quality passive mitigation systems for new construction throughout Colorado.  In order to eliminate radon from entering your property through cracks, floors or basement, we offer custom passive radon mitigation systems that fit the design of your new home or office. By installing a passive radon mitigation system we can eliminate the need to mount the system on the exterior of the home without losing any efficiency. The key benefit to this system is that it is hidden in the interior of the home. When done correctly the overall efficiency of the system will be increased using this technique.

All of our radon specialists are experts in radon resistant technologies, so that your family may live peacefully without having the threat of radon in their life. Here is a list of the types of radon mitigation systems we offer at American Radon. 

Sub-Slab Depressurization system: This is the most common method used for radon mitigation in homes. Suction is created in the pit that is excavated under the slab in the basement through which the radon gases are diverted from the home. 

Sump Pump Systems: These water drainage systems are installed to divert storm water away from the home. Using these pre-installed systems we will create a new path through which radon may effectively bypass the home with the use of a fan. 

Drain Tile Systems: This method uses the drainage system already under the foundation of your home that helps prevent water problems. Using this system in combination with a radon fan we can effectively reduce radon levels in your home.

Crawl space mitigation: This is a common type of system that is installed in houses that have crawl spaces. This usually involves sealing any exposed dirt floor with a heavy 4mm vapor proof plastic. A radon fan and conduit can be added to the crawl space to improve performance when needed. 

Why Choose Us? 

  • All of our radon specialists are licensed and certified in Radon Mitigation by NRPP.

  • Unlike many radon mitigation contractors we offer mitigation services 7 days a week.

  • We offer customized installations that will suit the design of your new house.

  • We offer extremely affordable prices when installing new construction passive mitigation system or your house. 

  • We assure you that by using the radon mitigation services of American Radon LLC, your family will live in a safe and healthy environment.