Radon Test Kit Instructions

American Radon, LLC will guide you through the testing process with updates and will be standing by if you have any questions. Here’s what to expect from our radon testing process:

American Radon - Radon Testing
Radon Test Kit

Step 1:

In just a few days you’ll receive your test. Place the test in the lowest possible livable space (not in a crawl space or garage) for 2-4 days. It is crucial for the entire duration of the test to keep all external doors, windows, and vents closed to get the most accurate reading. You can still enter and exit your home as normal, just make sure the door stays closed behind you.

Step 2:

Purchase Priority Envelope from the post office which will ensure it arrives to the lab within 2-3 days. Enclose your sealed test in the Priority Envelope and mail it right away. The test must get to the lab within 10 days, so it is imperative to mail it with Priority Envelope as soon as the test is completed.

Priority Mail Envelope
Radon Test Results Report

Step 3:

American Radon LLC will email your results as soon as the lab processes the test so you will know if your home is currently at a safe level or not.

Step 4:

If your test shows high levels of radon our friendly representatives will work with you to determine your mitigation options and to provide you with an estimate right away.

Finished Radon Mitigation System


With every install, we will include a post-mitigation test, lab fees, priority postage, and detailed instructions on how to set up the test, and pay for Priority shipping to expedite your results. This way you’ll be able to see the difference that our system has made for your family as quickly as possible. Our customer’s safety is our top priority, which is why we provide the Priority mailing service at no extra cost to you.

Call (720) 465-1495 or e-mail us at info@americanradonllc.com today to obtain your radon testing kit!

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