Energy Star Rated Fans Saves On Energy Use In Your Home

Using certain diagnostic techniques that most companies do not take the time to perform, we can accurately choose the appropriate fan motor for each specific home we mitigate. That, in combination with our energy star rated products. Most radon mitigation companies slap on the largest, most powerful (and energy using) fan they have regardless of whether it needs to be that powerful or not. 

Free Fan upgrades with our Radon Mitigation Packages in Littleton and beyond.

Most Colorado radon mitigation companies charge up to $150 if they have to use a larger then average fan for the mitigation. Our price will include any size fan motor with only one exception:  The XP501 is a specialty fan motor designed for extremely compacted dirt and clay (non-permeable soil), and is only used in situations when absolutely necessary. This fan costs our company an extra $100, which is exactly what we charge our customers for the upgrade. Since we do not make a profit using these fans, we do not try to “upsell” or use them unless the soil conditions call for it.

Energy star fan Radon Mitigation Littleton CO