National Radon Action Month: What’s it All About?

National Radon Action Month - Radon System in Colorado

Some of you may know that January is National Radon Action Month (NRAM), as proclaimed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and various other organizations. However, for every person who knows about radon’s dangers, there are at least a dozen who don’t. Our goal at American Radon LLC. is to spread the word about radon’s dangers, and how we can combat them together. We encourage families and business owners in Colorado to test their properties for radon every other year (if there is not an active system in place), or every three to five years (with active systems). Don't take risks with the health of you and your loved ones! This is one of the reasons we offer FREE radon test kits for all Coloradans. Plus, it's always a great idea to updated records in case you find yourself in a quick real estate transaction.

Colorado’s Stance on Radon Awareness Month

Coloradoans take NRAM seriously. How serious? In January 2017, Chrystine Kelley (Colorado’s radon program manager) released a proclamation signed by the governor of Colorado stating their official participation in radon action and radon awareness month. Here’s a brief outline of the key points of the proclamation:

·       Colorado residents and businesses are encouraged to test for radon

·       Radon gas occurs naturally, is colorless, odorless, and radioactive

·       Radon causes an estimated 500 deaths in Colorado each year

·       50% of homes in CO have high radon levels

·       Radon testing is hassle-free and cheap

The fact that the governor John W. Hickenlooper himself put his name on the proclamation and dedicated January as radon action month for the state of Colorado tells you how serious the issue is. This isn’t just a bunch of service providers trying to scare you into buying their product: it’s a group of professionals voicing concern over the well-being and livelihood of their communities.

What Can You Do?

1.     Test, test, and test again.

Radon levels are always fluctuating. A home that tested within acceptable levels one time of year might yield much higher levels a few months later. Test your home on an annual if you don't already have a system in place.

2.     Look for a National Radon Action Month event near you.

Many organizations put on events for NRAM. Encourage family and friends to attend with you, and bring the kids along too.

3.     Tell your friends and family about radon’s dangers.

There are always people out of the loop when it comes to the dangers of radon poisoning. If you know someone who just moved to CO from another state, tell them about radon mitigation and removal.

4. Call us for a free radon test kit for your own property or for a friend, family member, or neighbor.

We offer radon mitigation in Denver and all over Colorado!