Radon Mitigation System Cost: What to Expect

By testing your home for radon and installing the appropriate radon mitigation equipment, you are ensuring that your family stays safe and healthy while avoiding the serious consequences of radon poisoning. But, if this is your first time purchasing a radon mitigation system, you are likely wondering: “What is the cost of a radon mitigation system?” We’re here to help you understand the total cost so that when you contract someone for radon mitigation installation, you’ll know what to expect to pay for their services – and if you’re getting an awesome deal.

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What is the Overall Radon Mitigation System Cost?

According to the National Radon Program Services of Kansas State University, the cost of a mitigation system usually ranges from $895 to $1500, with the average sitting at about $1200. However, some companies estimate that mitigation systems can cost $1600, and sometimes even more depending on what technicians need to do to your home in order to properly install the system without ruining the appeal of your home.

It’s important to note that this does not include the initial testing free, which can range from $100 to $200 depending on the company you choose. The alternative is to purchase a testing kit at a local hardware store for $25, but then you must also prepare to pay around $40 to see you finished lab results. Many companies also charge an extra fee ($100 or so) for a finished exit (a pipe that runs through a finished basement) on a sub-slab radon mitigation system.

So what is the cost of a radon mitigation system? With the above figures in mind, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1000 to $2100 for initial radon testing and radon mitigation system installation combined, unless extensive additional labor is required in order to maintain the aesthetics of your home.

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  • Testing fee: $100 - $200

  • Radon mitigation system cost: $895 - $1600

  • Additional fee for a finished exit: $100

  • Follow-up radon testing: $100 - $200

Total Costs: $1000 - $2100

What about Recurring Radon Mitigation System Costs?

The Fan. The main part on your radon mitigation system that is apt to go out is the fan. While many fans come with a warranty, most only extend to a maximum of five years. The fan can certainly last for longer than that, but in the worst case, you’d be spending $350 on a new fan if it malfunctions once the warranty expires.

Radon Testing. It is highly recommended that you test your home for radon every year, or at least every other year. You are also required to complete follow-up radon tests after the radon mitigation system is put in place. Most companies charge you a separate fee per test, which costs the same as the initial testing fee ($100 to $200). You can imagine how quickly this can add up over the years.

What about Radon Test Costs?

Radon test costs typically range from $100-$200, although you can find some companies (like us) who provide initial radon test kits and follow up radon test kits for free. However, you must also remember that a radon test isn’t just a one and done deal - you should also test annually, or at least every other year, in order to ensure that your radon mitigation system is functioning well. So plan to spend $100-200 every year or so to have a radon test performed on your home. If you choose to purchase a kit and mail in the results yourself, check out Kansas State University’s radon test kit page, where you can purchase discounted test kits.

But how difficult is it to use a radon test kit?

Not difficult at all. Instructions are usually written clearly right on your radon test kit package. Short term radon test kits require you to leave the kit out for 3-4 days total. Once the test is complete, seal up the package and mail it to your test center to get your results. If your test is right on the border of being too high, say 3.7 pCi/L, it’s a good idea to test again to see if your radon gas test readings change or increase.

What Determines Radon Mitigation Costs?

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The cost of radon mitigation equipment can vary depending on your selected radon mitigation company, your home’s design, and whether or not you want to have your radon mitigation equipment hidden from view. If you have a single story home, and two story home, or a townhouse, your options and pricing will vary slightly.

Radon mitigation equipment can be installed either on your home’s exterior, on on the interior for those wishing to have a less visible or unsightly mitigation system in place. The typical exterior installation requires a pipe that runs from your basement or lower level out to the exterior wall of your home and up to the roof line.

An interior installation can be performed such that the pipe is instead run through your wall, a garage, closet, attic, or other concealed space before exiting at the roof line. The amount of labor put into an interior installation can be considerably more, and will require more modifications of your home’s interior.

Keep in mind that a townhouse or condominium will typically also require HOA approval, which could be another step that slows down the process of getting a radon mitigation system installed.

American Radon: Keeping Your Radon Mitigation System Costs Low

American Radon, LLC. is truly a diamond in the rough when it comes to radon mitigation system costs. First off, our standard sub-slab radon mitigation system cost is $895 out the door. No hidden taxes. No hidden fees. We offer free radon test kits (results included) to all of our customers, meaning you can skip that initial $100 to $200 testing fee. We also do not charge any additional fee for a finished exit on your sub-slab mitigation installation (so knock off another $100). Oh, and did we mention that our starting price is a flat $895? Not only are we charging you less initially, but we don’t have any last minute hidden fees.

  • Free initial radon testing

  • Lifetime warranty on all parts (except fan)

  • No hidden taxes or fees

  • Free follow-up radon testing post installation

  • No extra charge for a finished exit installation

At American Radon, LLC. we have your best interests in mind at all times. Call us today to schedule your initial appointment for radon mitigation in Denver, radon mitigation in Aurora, or anywhere in Colorado.